Course Fee and Funding Information

SSG Funding Information

Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents may be eligible for up to 95% of course fee funding for WSQ courses offered by HCS Academy, regardless of their employment status.


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Fees and Funding may change. For the most updated course fees and funding information, please visit: SkillsConnect2 135x300px






HCS Academy offers more than 90 modular WSQ courses under 2 types of funding schemes: CETC “Cat A” Funding and ATO “Cat B” Funding.

Course Title CS Code Funding Duration (hr) Full Course Fee (excl GST)
Administer benefits HR-PRB-201E-1 Cat A  8 $890.00
Provide learning administration services HR-LD-201E-1 Cat A 16  $1,276.00 
Process payroll HR-PRB-202E-1 Cat A 24  $1,276.00 
Administer performance review process HR-PRB-203E-1  Cat A 24  $1,276.00 
Administer recruitment and selection process HR-RS-201E-0 Cat A 24  $1,276.00 
Facilitate group processes HR-GEN-305E-1 Cat A 16  $1,610.00 
Conduct interviews and make hiring decisions HR-RS-302E-0 Cat A 16  $1,610.00
Manage payroll HR-PRB-302E-1 Cat A 24  $1,610.00
Implement recruitment and selection methods HR-RS-301E-0 Cat A 24  $1,610.00 
Implement employee engagement programmes  HR-ERC-403E-1 Cat B 16  $1,005.00
Develop human resource policy framework HR-GEN-412C-1 Cat B 16  $1,005.00
Develop and evaluate learning interventions HR-LD-402E-1 Cat A 16  $2,050.00 
Resolve grievances and disputes HR-ERC-401E-0 Cat B 24  $1,405.00 
Align human resource services with business needs HR-GEN-401C-0 Cat B 24  $1,405.00 
Develop workplace and business relationships  HR-GEN-402C-0 Cat B 24  $1,405.00  
Manage budgets and finances HR-GEN-404C-0  Cat B 24  $1,405.00 
Measure human resource functional effectiveness  HR-GEN-405C-0 Cat B 24  $1,405.00 
Manage human resource analytics HR-HRSP-402E-1  Cat B 24  $1,405.00 
Develop and evaluate strategies for learning and development HR-LD-403E-1  Cat B 24  $1,405.00 
Develop and implement in-house competency framework HR-LD-404E-1 Cat A 24  $2,050.00 
Measure organisational climate HR-OD-401E-0 Cat B 24  $1,405.00  
Develop and implement grading and salary structure HR-PRB-401E-1 Cat B 24  $1,405.00 
Implement and evaluate remuneration programmes HR-PRB-402E-1 Cat B 24  $1,405.00 
Implement performance management programme HR-PRB-404E-1 Cat B 24  $1,405.00 
Develop and implement recruitment and selection strategies HR-RS-402E-0  Cat B 24  $1,405.00 
Implement talent management programmes HR-TM-401E-0 Cat B 24  $1,405.00 
Develop organisational response to national manpower initiatives and strategic priorities HR-GEN-505C-0 Cat A 16 $2,207.00 
Develop and evaluate organisational learning culture HR-LD-501E-1  Cat A 16  $2,207.00 
Develop strategies for managing diversity HR-ERC-505E-1  Cat A  24 $2,207.00 
Create human resource strategies aligned with business needs HR-GEN-501C-0 Cat A 24  $2,207.00 
Manage organisational risks HR-GEN-502C-0  Cat A 24  $2,207.00 
Apply financial knowledge within a human resource environment HR-GEN-503C-0  Cat A 24  $2,207.00 
Enhance organisation effectiveness HR-GEN-504C-0 Cat A 24  $2,207.00 
Integrate global, regional and local human resource practices HR-GEN-510E-1  Cat A 24  $2,207.00 
Lead organisational design HR-OD-501E-0 Cat A 24  $2,207.00 
Promote innovation HR-OD-502E-1 Cat A 24  $2,207.00 
Develop strategies for performance management HR-PRB-502E-1 Cat A 24  $2,207.00 
Develop strategies for total remuneration HR-PRB-503E-1  Cat A 24  $2,207.00 
Develop and communicate employer brand position HR-RS-501E-1 Cat A 24  $2,207.00 
Develop strategies for manpower planning and resourcing HR-RS-502E-1  Cat A 24  $2,207.00 
Develop strategies for talent management HR-TM-501E-0  Cat A 24  $2,207.00 
Develop a framework and strategies for succession management HR-TM-502E-0  Cat A 24  $2,207.00 
Develop strategies for career planning HR-TM-503E-1    24  $2,207.00 
Course Title CS Code Funding Duration (hr) Full Course Fee (excl GST)
Administer and report results of surveys HR-OD-201E-1 Cat B 8 $350.00
Administer internal employee movements HR-RS-202E-1  Cat B 8 $350.00
Prepare employee communications HR-ERC-201E-1 Cat B 16 $550.00
Operate human resource information system HR-HRSP-201E-1 Cat B 16 $550.00
Administer voluntary and involuntary termination processes HR-RS-203E-1 Cat B 16 $550.00
Participate in a work team HR-GEN-201C-0 Cat B 24 $725.00
Provide human resource information HR-GEN-202C-0 Cat B 24 $725.00
Process human resource information HR-GEN-203C-0 Cat B 24 $725.00
Support organisation events HR-GEN-204C-0 Cat B 24 $725.00
Implement employee health and well-being in the workplace HR-EHW-301E-1 Cat B 10 $660.00
Implement people management capability programmes HR-GEN-306E-1 Cat B 16 $960.00
Develop and evaluate onboarding programmes HR-LD-301E-1 Cat B 16 $960.00
Manage employee benefits HR-PRB-301E-1 Cat B 16 $960.00
Manage industrial relations processes HR-ERC-301E-0 Cat B 24 $1,360.00
Manage employee relations HR-ERC-302E-1 Cat B 24 $1,360.00
Ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations HR-GEN-301C-0 Cat B 24 $1,360.00
Analyse and present research information HR-GEN-302C-0 Cat B 24 $1,360.00
Manage projects HR-GEN-303C-0 Cat B 24 $1,360.00
Support change processes HR-GEN-304C-0 Cat B 24 $1,360.00
Support individual learning and development HR-LD-302E-1 Cat B 24 $1,360.00
Provide career advice HR-TM-301E-1 Cat B 24 $1,360.00
Develop and evaluate employee communications plan HR-ERC-402E-1 Cat B 16 $1,005.00
Implement fair employment practices HR-GEN-407E-0 Cat B 16 $1,005.00
Implement wage restructuring HR-GEN-409E-0 Cat B 16 $1,005.00
Build people management capabilities HR-LD-401E-1 Cat B 16 $1,005.00
Develop and implement voluntary and involuntary termination policy and framework HR-RS-404E-1  Cat B 16 $1,005.00
Implement strategies to employ, retain and re-employ older employees HR-RS-406E-1 Cat B 16 $1,005.00
Develop and implement career coaching and mentoring framework HR-TM-403E-1 Cat B 16 $1,005.00
Develop and evaluate employee health and wellbeing programmes HR-EHW-401E-0 Cat B 24 $1,405.00
Establish human resource needs of small to medium enterprise HR-GEN-403E-1 Cat B 24 $1,405.00
Manage internal and external service providers HR-GEN-410E-1 Cat B 24 $1,405.00
Implement and evaluate risk, crisis management and contingency plans HR-GEN-411E-1 Cat B 24 $1,405.00
Develop and implement change management strategies and plans HR-OD-402E-1 Cat B 24 $1,405.00
Implement international compensation programme HR-PRB-403E-1 Cat B 24 $1,405.00
Implement manpower planning processes HR-RS-405E-1 Cat B 24 $1,405.00
Develop career pathing framework HR-TM-402E-1  Cat B 24 $1,405.00
Implement international assignment programme HR-TM-404E-1 Cat B 24 $1,405.00
Develop and evaluate a framework for managing conflict, grievances and disputes HR-ERC-503E-1 Cat B 16 $1,020.00
Develop strategies for executive compensation HR-PRB-501E-1 Cat B 16 $1,020.00
Develop strategies and policies for employee relations HR-ERC-501E-0 Cat B 24 $1,420.00
Promote harmonious tripartite relations HR-ERC-502E-0 Cat B 24 $1,420.00
Develop a business case for new initiatives HR-GEN-511E-1  Cat B 24 $1,420.00
Enable organisational workforce capability HR-LD-502E-1 Cat B 24 $1,420.00
Participate in negotiations BM-BN-401E-1 Cat B 16 $1,020.00
Master personal effectiveness LPM-PER-601C-0 Cat B 24 $1,420.00
Develop personal effectiveness LPM-PER-501C-0 Cat B 24 $1,420.00
Facilitate Change LPM-CHG-501C-0 Cat B 24 $1,420.00
Lead Change LPM-CHG-601C-0  Cat B 20 $1,220.00 
Engage People LPM-DEV-501C-0 Cat B 24 $1,420.00
Grow Leaders LPM-DEV-601C-0 Cat B 24 $1,420.00
Lead Managers LPM-VIS-501C-0  Cat B 24 $1,420.00



The information below gives an illustration on the full course fees as well as fees payable under SSG normal funding. SSG funding is only applicable to Singapore Citizens/PRs upon successful completion of each modules (at least 75% attendance and must have sat for and passed the competency assessments) and additional SSG subsidy may be available.

Award of the HR qualification / Certified HR Professional is based on achievement of the Statements of Attainment (SOAs) for the stipulated core and elective modules for the qualification/certification.

As WSQ modules are designed to be singular and flexible training modules, with the option to implement as-is, or build up to full qualifications, registration and fee collection for WSQ courses @ HCS Academy is on a modular basis.

Fee collection is based on the published fee for each module as per SSG’s SkillsConnect/HCS Academy’s online schedule and fees for individual modules. Please note that fees and funding amount are subject to change.

*Based on a typical 3-day WSQ module (24 hours).


WSQ Qualification Title Total Training Hours* Total Course Fee* (excl GST) Total SSG Funding (normal) Total Course Fee Payable after SSG Funding (excl GST)
WSQ Higher Certificate in Human Resources 192 hours $8,004.00 $5,232.00 $2,772.00
WSQ Advanced Certificate in Human Resources 192 hours $11,888.00 $4,240.00 $7,648.00
WSQ Professional Diploma in Human Resources (HRM, HRD) 240 hours $20,500.00 $10,500.00 $10,000.00
WSQ Specialist Diploma in Human Capital Management (HRM, HRD) 240 hours  $22,070.00 $10,500.00 $11,570.00
Certification Title Total Training Hours Total Course Fee (excl GST) Total SSG Funding (normal) Total Course Fee Payable after SSG Funding (excl GST)
Certified HR Professional (Remuneration & Benefits) 88 hours $6,667.00 $2,700.00 $3,967.00
Certified HR Professional (Resourcing) 88 hours $7,477.00 $3,500.00 $3,977.00
Certified HR Professional (Talent Management) 96 hours $8,671.00 $4,200.00 $4,471.00
Certified HR Professional (Industrial Relations) 72 hours $4,830.00 $1,770.00 $3,060.00
Certified HR Professional (Performance Management) 72 hours $5,533.00 $3,000.00 $2,533.00