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PEI Managers

The PEI Managers oversee the proper functioning of the PEI. They play a very important role, especially in maintaining standards in corporate governance and information disclosure. HCS Academy’s PEI Managers are:

  • Mdm Ho Geok Choo
  • Mr Sardar Ali Bin Rahmat Ali

Academic Board

The Academic Board is responsible for the academic quality and rigour of the PEI. Its duties include:

  • Developing the policies and procedures to ensure academic quality and rigour such as:
    • Setting and maintaining the highest standards in HR WSQ training and courseware development via instituting selection criteria for facilitators and courseware authors;
    • Formulate and review policies, guidelines and procedures in relation to HR WSQ training and courseware development;
    • Advise the Management on matters which are relevant to the workforce skills training, academic and educational work of HCS Academy;
    • Formulate and review procedures for monitoring the HR WSQ competency standards of the programmes;
    • Make recommendations to the Management on any major changes to the academic structure of the Academy;
    • Set requirements for the admission and registration of students;
    • Set standards for examinations and assessments;
    • Approve the conferment of award of HR WSQ certificates and diplomas; and
    • The deployment of teachers based on the requirements as stipulated by the CPE.
  • Facilitating the PEI’s implementation and compliance with the policies and procedures developed; and
  • Reviewing, at least once a year, the academic policies and procedures.


  • Prof Woo Kang Wei, Chairman
  • Ms Ho Meow Choo, Member
  • Mr Lim Hong Tan, Member
  • Mr Yong Fook Chyi, Member

Examination Board

The Examination Board is responsible for the development of examination and assessment procedures. It is expected to develop and implement procedures to:

  • Advise on the direction of the Academy’s qualifications strategy;
  • Define the purpose, methods, and schedule of assessment tasks;
  • Set assessment criteria;
  • Set marking conventions;
  • Ensure the proper conduct of assessments;
  • Decide the right of appeal; and
  • Handle appeals from students with regard to assessment matters


  • Mr Wong Tuck Wah, Chairman
  • Ms Ho Meow Choo, Member
  • Mr Lim Hong Tan, Member
  • Mr Yong Fook Chyi, Member