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Industry 4.0 & Services 4.0 Conference 2019

Industry 4.0 & Services 4.0 Conference 2019

Human Capital (Singapore) (“HCS”), together with Employment and Employability Institute (e2i), is pleased to organise a 1-day National Conference on Industry 4.0 and Services 4.0.

Digitalisation and disruptive technology are changing the way businesses operate. Singapore’s businesses and the workforce need to constantly adapt to deal with rapid changes and equip themselves with new, relevant digital and technical skillsets–to respond to the demands of Industry 4.0 and Services 4.0, such as automation, AI, hyper-connectivity and XaaS (Anything-as-a-Service). The question is: are we ready?


Mr Ng Chee Meng, Secretary-General, NTUC and Minister, Prime Minister’s Office

Dr Koh Poh Koon, Deputy Secretary-General, NTUC and Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Trade & Industry

We are privileged to have the following speakers and special guests on board to share more on the latest trends and development in Industry 4.0, AI, Digitalisation, and Technology and strategies to excel in the digital age:

  • Mr Abraham Thomas, MD, IBM Singapore (Conversation with GOH)
  • Mr Alex Hungate, President & CEO, SATS (Panel)
  • Dr Andrew Seit, VP APAC (Singapore), Robobai (Keynote and Panel Discussion with Industry Experts)
  • Prof Chen Tsuhan, Deputy President (Research and Technology), National University of Singapore (NUS) and Chief Scientist, AI Singapore (Keynote and Conversation with GOH)
  • Mr Daren Tang, CE, IPOS)
  • Dr Derek Wang, Chief Cloud Architect, Alibaba Cloud International (Keynote and Panel)
  • Prof Ho Teck Hua, Senior Deputy President & Provost, National University of Singapore (NUS) and Chairman, AI Singapore (Conversation with GOH)
  • Ms Jane Lim, Assistant Chief Executive, Sectoral Transformation, IMDA (Closing Panel)
  • Mr Kuniya Tsubota, HR Vice President, IBM Asia Pacific (Keynote by IBM)
  • Mr Li Hongyi, Deputy Director (Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Division, GovTech (Keynote)
  • Mr Liu Feng-Yuan, Co-founder & CEO, Basis AI
  • Mr Ong Chee Ping, Director, TPO and Technology Advisory, Singapore Pools (Panel Discussion with Industry Experts)
  • Dr Robert Yap, Chairman, YCH Group (Panel)
  • Mr Tan Kiat How, CEO, IMDA  (Panel)
  • Ms Tham Loke Kheng, CEO, Mediacorp (Panel)
  • Exclusive Screening of “Surviving the Algorithm Age” by Channel NewsAsia


Business owners, Entrepreneurs, C-suite leaders, Vice Presidents, Directors and Functional Managers of companies.


Session 1: Keynote by IBM

Mr Kuniya Tsubota (HR VP, IBM APAC)

Session 2: Keynote by AI Singapore

Prof Chen Tsuhan (Deputy President (Research & Technology),
NUS and Chief Scientist, AI Singapore)

Session 3: Keynote by BasisAI

Mr Liu Feng Yuan (Co-Founder and CEO, Basis AI)

Session 4: Conversation with Mr Ng Chee Meng

Industry 4.0: Are Our Companies and Workforce Ready for the Global Digital Marketplace?

The digital revolution has undoubtedly created a powerful shift in the way businesses operate both locally and internationally. With the rise of the tech-savvy customer, the challenge that lies ahead for our local companies, especially SMEs, is how to leverage on technology to gain a competitive edge and build loyalty from internal and external stakeholders. Digital technologies provide a tremendous opportunity for employee-centric and service-oriented companies to engage in a new relationship with their employees and customers. To embrace these opportunities, our workforce will need to
cultivate adaptive and technical competencies to meet the demands of Industry 4.0 – characterised by a globalised, digital economy. But before that, the Singaporean workforce will first require a major mind-set change – one that is willing to embrace the novelty of the digital era, to compete and succeed globally.

The question is, are we ready for this shift to Industry 4.0?

Mr Ng Chee Meng (Sec-Gen, NTUC and Minister, PMO)
Mr Abraham Thomas (Managing Director, IBM Singapore)
Prof Ho Teck Hua (Provost and Senior Deputy President, NUS and Chairman, AI Singapore)
Mr Liu Feng Yuan (Co-Founder and CEO, Basis AI)

Moderated by: Mr Tan Kiat How (CEO, IMDA)

Special Screening of Channel NewsAsia’s Documentary: “Surviving the Algorithm Age”

We look at how humans are trying to wrestle back control. And use algorithms to change the world in good ways rather than bad. How are humans trying to survive in the age of algorithms? There are quiet codes weaved into the fabric of modern life, silently crunching mountains of big data, and helping us solve problems based on the results they derive. They are known as Algorithms – complex webs of code that can determine anything. From whether you should watch this show, to telling police departments if you’re going to commit a crime, and where. But can math, and the computers that calculate it, be wrong?

Session 5: Panel Discussion: Staying Relevant in the Digital Age

Singapore has, over the years, built its capabilities and become one of the most successful economies in the world. Recent research shows that Singapore is: one of the easiest places to do business; Asia’s most competitive economy; Asia’s most innovative country; and World’s no. 1 in Human Capital Index. Global volatility, tight labour market, and ageing population – these are some of the challenges that Singapore has been facing in the recent years. Against this backdrop: Are Singapore companies able to stay relevant and competitive in the digital age? How can we better harness technology and skills-upgrading programmes to stay relevant in the digital age? How can large and small enterprises collaborate in the digital age? Are we lagging behind from our neighbours in terms of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit?

Dr Andrew Seit (VP APAC (Singapore), Robobai)
Mr Daren Tang (CE, IPOS)
Mr Ong Chee Ping (Director, TPO and Technology Advisory, Singapore)
Ms Tham Loke Kheng (CEO, Mediacorp)

Moderated by Dr Woo Kang Wei (Executive Director, QuantumCIEL) and Mdm Ho Geok Choo (CEO, HCS)

Session 6: Keynote IV by Alibaba Cloud International

Dr Derek Wang (Chief Cloud Architect, Alibaba Cloud International)

Session 7: Keynote V by GovTech

Mr Li Hongyi (Deputy Director, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Division, GovTech)

Session 8: Conversation with Dr Koh Poh Koon

Get Ready for Smart Nation Singapore: SME Digitalisation

The task of digital transformation can be daunting for an SME that has not given it much thought. In Singapore’s ever-changing digital economy, what core technologies will enable the growth of Smart Businesses and a Smart Nation? In this session, we will address some of the issues and concerns such as: What does it take for SME businesses to automate and streamline operations? How can they gain deep insights into consumer’s behaviour and improve sales? How do SMEs venture into new markets with the help of technology? What are the fastest changing areas for SME digitalisation in their respective sectors? What are the challenges faced by their SME partners in digitalisation and what support can be provided by large companies, government agencies and TACs? How can SMEs tap
on digital support or platforms when expanding into the region?

Dr Koh Poh Koon (Deputy Sec-Gen, NTUC and SMS, MTI)
Mr Alex Hungate (President and CEO, SATS Ltd)
Mr Derek Wang (Chief Cloud Architect, Alibaba Cloud International)
Dr Robert Yap (Executive Chairman, YCH Group)

Moderated by Ms Jane Lim (ACE Sectoral Transformation, IMDA)


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