Thought Leadership Masterclass & Conversation Series

HCS Masterclass Series Feb 2021

Scanning the external environment for Workforce Planning & Digitalisation

About the Masterclass

We live in a complex world already, which is getting more complicated because of the great acceleration domestically and
geopolitically. The challenge for us is to make sense of this complexity, yet the government, private, or public sectors are not
necessarily equipped to deal with this. They may not have first recognised that they are operating in a very complex environment
or may not have the tools to deal with this complexity level.

The consequences of complexity will surprise us more often, we see the pandemic impact us in such a fashion to disrupt the normal, we are going to be surprised by black swans and unknown unknowns and many wild cards, and this shock will produce shockwaves in amplitudes that are also increasing. How do we reduce the level of complexity? How do we get better prepared for the consequences of black swan events, and how do we reduce the amplitude of the shocks?

That’s the challenge for us and the theme for this Masterclass.

Guest of Honour:

Gilbert Tan joined NTUC’s e2i in 2009 to create solutions for better employment and employability through providing better
jobs, developing better skills, and improving companies’ productivity and gain sharing for workers. Since then, e2i has launched
the Inclusive Growth Program to drive productivity-led wage increases for low wage workers, and led the way with professional
development programmes to enhance the capabilities of PMETs (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians). In addition
to deepening skills, e2i also equips PMETs with employability and horizontal skills enabling them to stay relevant and progress
within or across sectors.

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