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Placing people first
Place every skilled person with diverse and special talents into sustainable employment.

Diverse and inclusive
Encourage diverse and inclusive hiring through practices for competitive business advantage.

The Greater Good For All
Milestones Celebration Of The Movement For Normalising Diversity And Inclusion

Employers play a pivotal role in society’s effort to address the talent crunch. An open mindset to possibilities for solution in the war for talents will value add to business competitive advantage. Over the years, the Public-Private-People Partnership has raised the employability bar of the Singapore workforce. The challenge ahead in this competitive and uncertain times is not to do more of the same. It is time to explore possibilities. It is time to explore options.

We provide the Solution. We provide another Option for staffing.
Efforts to empower Persons with disabilities (PwDs) goes beyond the Government. It requires business and workplace mindset shift. For those who understand and would think out of the box, they are harnessing a special untapped demographic dividend.

Don’t miss the Milestones of HR Powerbank and the First Crop of Singapore’s Persons with disabilities (PwDs) Conferred as HR Administrators (CHRA). They are equipped with credentials of 576 hours of Learning By Doing. They will be conferred by President Halimah Yacob.

The Masterclass is organised by Human Capital Singapore (HCS) and SG Enable and supported by their industry partners, Institute for Human Resource Professionals, Association of Small & Medium Enterprises, Singapore Computer Society and The Bosses Network.

It will bring together the Public-Private-People sector leaders to share best disability inclusive hiring practices and confirm their commitment to:

a. embrace a mindset for disability inclusive hiring as strategic competitive advantage for business

b. leverage on the inclusive mindset to promote dignity for PWDs

c. implement supportive employment policies & job redesign to seed a conducive organisation culture for PWDs

The Long March