Develop and communicate employer brand position


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Develop and communicate employer brand position

Course Ref. no.: CRS-Q-0023552-HR


This unit addresses the skills and knowledge to develop an employer brand that clearly communicates an organisation’s identity and its differentiating Employee Value Proposition. This includes leading studies around employer branding, setting differentiators in employer branding, developing the Employee Value Proposition, communicating the employer brand consistently, and reviewing the effectiveness of the employer branding process.


1. Lead studies around employer branding to understand how the organisation is perceived by relevant stakeholders
2. Set differentiators to distinguish the organisation from its competitors
3. Develop Employee Value Proposition to leverage organisational strengths in alignment with long term strategic objectives and desired culture
4. Communicate employer brand consistently to engage internal and external target audience on an on-going basis
5. Review the effectiveness of employer branding process to enhance employer branding


Course Fee: $1,420.00 (before funding and GST)
Training Duration: 24 hours
Mode of Training: Classroom

Funding Validity Period: 01 Jan 2019 to 15 Nov 2019


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