Manage industrial relations processes


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Manage industrial relations processes

Course Ref. no.: CRS-Q-0018261-HR


This unit addresses the skills and knowledge to support industrial relations activities. It covers collective bargaining and other activities relating to labour and management relations


1. Support industrial practices
2. Support grievance, dispute and negotiation processes

1. Support Industrial practices

  • Research legislative requirements and guidelines to identify industrial practices and compliance requirements appropriate to the organisational context
  • Promote communication practices to generate trust and honesty amongst stakeholders in labour and management relations
  • Assist in the preparation and management of documentation relating to labour and management activities

2. Support grievance, dispute and negotiation processes

  • Research the validity and credibility of claims of parties to support collective bargaining
  • Promote the preparation of possible responses or solutions based on initial review of information
  • Monitor and communicate on actions to close outstanding issues and ensure agreed outcomes are implemented


Course Fee: $1,360.00 (before funding and GST)
Training Duration: 24 hours
Mode of Training: Classroom

Funding Validity Period: 01 Jan 2019 to 15 Nov 2019


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