Human Resource

On Being HR Professional

Singapore’s only natural resource is its people. And managing the capability, productivity and talent of the people is an essential but challenging skill.


Fortunately for the Republic, we have a dedicated workforce of Human Resource practitioners. Over the decades as our economic landscape changed, the HR profession has also evolved, from those days where HR tasks were mostly recruiting factory workers, calculating their wages and putting them up in hostel apartment blocks.


Today, there is an urgent need to professionalise the training and certification of managers and executives engaged in this trade. Minister of State for Manpower Teo Ser Luck has called on HR professionals to adapt and grow, to help their companies in business transformation.

To this end, the Government recently set up the Institute of Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) to establish standards of excellence through a national HR certification framework. The Framework was the effort of more than 500 HR practitioners and business leaders from MNCs, SMEs, and the public sector.


Benefits to business owners and management

The new IHRP national professional certification offers many benefit to both business owners and their HR folks.


For business owners and senior management, certifying your HR team will enable your workforce to thrive and achieve organisational goals amid a rapidly changing environment.


And for HR executives and managers, it enriches your HR development journey and proclaims to the working world that you have attained mastery of HR competencies that are increasingly valued by employers.


Get certified or get left behind

Change is the only constant in the braver new world of professional Human Resource management. Do not get left behind in your professional qualifications.


There are a raft of courses available to help you attain the level of IHRP’s Certified HR Professional or Certified Senior HR Professional. At Human Capital Singapore, we will be holding a Course Preview next month (July 2017) to share with you the changes in employment legislation and guidelines, the new IHRP requirements and the articulation pathway for you to achieve the certification.