Certification Tracks

Certified HR Professional

Certifications enable HR professionals to deepen their skills and competencies in their specific functional areas. Non-HR professionals wishing to develop specific skills and functionalities in areas such as Talent Management and Recruitment & Selection will also find this certification track relevant.

HCS Academy offers the following Certified HR Professional Programmes: 

Programme Competencies (Level) [Module Code]
Certified HR Professional (Remuneration & Benefits) Develop Strategies for total remuneration (Level 5) [HR-PRB-503E-1]
Implement International compensation programme (Level 4) [HR-PRB-403E-1]
Implement and evaluate remuneration programmes (Level 4) [HR-PRB-402E-1]
Implement wage restructuring (Level 4) [HR-GEN-409E-0]
Certified HR Professional (Resourcing) Develop and Communicate Employer Brand Position (Level 5) [HR-RS-501E-1]
Develop and implement recruitment and selection strategies (Level 4) [HR-RS-402E-0]
Implement recruitment and selection methods (Level 3) [HR-RS-301E-0]
Conduct interviews and make hiring decisions (Level 3) [HR-RS-302E-0]
Certified HR Professional (Talent Management) Develop strategies for talent management (Level 5) [HR-TM-501E-0]
Develop a framework and strategies for succession management (Level 5) [HR-TM-502E-0]
Develop Strategies for Career Planning (Level 5) [HR-TM-503E]
Implement talent management programmes (Level 4) [HR-TM-401E-0]
Certified HR Professional (Industrial Relations) Promote harmonious tripartite relations (Level 5) [HR-ERC-502E-0]
Resolve grievances and disputes (Level 4) [HR-ERC-401E-0]
Manage industrial relations processes (Level 3) [HR-ERC-301E-0]
Certified HR Professional (Performance Management) Develop strategies for performance management (Level 5) [HR-PRB-502E-1]
Implement performance management programme (Level 4) [HR-PRB-404E-1]
Administer performance review process (Level 2) [HR-PRB-203E-1]