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Course Title Code Functional Area Level
Develop and evaluate on-boarding programmes HR-LD-301E-1 Learning & Development 3
Develop and evaluate strategies for learning and development HR-LD-403E-1 Learning & Development 4
Develop and implement career coaching and mentoring framework HR-TM-403E-1 Talent Management 4
Develop and implement change management strategies and plans HR-OD-402E-1 Organisational Development 4
Develop a framework and strategies for succession management HR-TM-502E-0 Talent Management 5
Develop a business case for new initiatives HR-GEN-511E-1 General Electives 5
Manage human resource analytics HR-HRSP-402E-1 Human Resource Systems and Processes 4
Manage organisational risks HR-GEN-502C-0 Core 5
Manage payroll HR-PRB-302E-1 Performance, Remuneration and Benefits 3
Measure organisational climate HR-OD-401E-0 Organisational Development 4
Participate in a work team HR-GEN-201C-0 Core 2
Promote harmonious tripartite relations HR-ERC-502E-0 Employee Relations & Communications 5
Apply financial knowledge within a human resource environment HR-GEN-503C-0 Core 5
Build people management capabilities HR-LD-401E-1 Learning & Development 4
Create human resource strategies aligned with business needs HR-GEN-501C-0 Core 5
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