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Career Management and Transition Services For Public Service Officers

HCS provides career guidance and coaching to individuals to increase their personal effectiveness for the next career opportunity.

HCS has been a strong advocate for, and supporter of the national strategies developed to address disruptions and help transit the workforce into the future economy. In order to sustain employability, mindset change and lifelong learning to acquire relevant skillsets is important.

The career management and transition services for public service officers programme has been specially designed by HCS to provide officers with skills to manage personal transition and to prepare for job search.


Managing Transition (& Self Discovery)

This workshop will enable participants to gain an understanding of the changing environment and to take on future opportunities by discovering their expectations, transforming their mind-set and optimising their skillsets.

Learning Outcomes
In this one-day workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Gain a better understanding of local and global environment; Trends and Growth Sectors
  • Discover myself: expectations; experience; strengths; skills gaps; and areas for improvements
  • Manage emotions for a positive ego state
  • Purposeful direction in the next growth path
  • Build resilience to cope with multiple transitions
  • Optimise: skillset; experience and values for the next opportunity

Career Planning (& Job Search)

This workshop nudges people to walk through each successive door of opportunity and buckle up for the future economy with agility, adaptability and capabilities. It presents an opportunity for the participants to match career anchors and goals to career opportunities, by equipping them with essential job search skills and workplace knowledge.

Learning Outcomes
The one-day workshop aims to:

  • Discover my career anchor: W.H.A.T
  • Develop, document and monitor career planning strategies
  • Employ new media technology for job search and essentials
  • Consult stakeholders: recognise the different employment sectors; key differences in workplace culture; employers’ expectations

CV Writing

Learn to reinvent the art and science of resume writing for different job(s) in different industry sectors. Let your CV come alive with passion, commitment and humility. Craft a Future- Oriented-Resume (F-O-R), showcasing your attributes, transferable skills and value-add. Learn new approaches in resume writing to “wow” the employer.

Learning Outcomes
The one-day workshop aims to:

  • Acquire crucial skills to create impactful cover letters and resumes for different career stages, focusing on the elevator pitch
  • Develop narrative to showcase strengths and achievements; leverage transferrable skills, experiences in work and other ECAs (extra-curricular activities) to value-add; humility to address skills gaps
  • Personal branding with W.H.A.T to be the employee of choice
  • AI and ML solutions provide comprehensive and unbiased profile of applicants through the algorithms; therefore, an in-depth understanding of algorithms-created application profile to craft the F-O-R
  • Your unique CV template

Job Interview Preparation
Prepare and practise to ace the interview

This workshop will equip participants with the ability to establish a positive presence, engage and retain the interest of interviewers and create a lasting impression of the participant’s capability and fit for the job.

Learning Outcomes
In this one-day workshop, participants will learn:

  • Positive presence and moments of truth (M.O.T): managing situations; grooming; and, social skills
  • Communication skills: essential elements during interviews (verbal; non-verbal; knowledge and understanding of the organisation; value-add to the job and company)
  • Ace the interview Clarity, Evidence and Relevance (specific and honest; make sense; give details and factual information; precise and articulate; justify)
  • Insights into interview evaluation form
  • Anticipate sample of interview questions
  • Closing interview and follow-up

Personalised One-to-One Coaching Service

HCS Career Coaches deliver individual personalised coaching sessions that are fully focused on the individual. Sessions are tailored to the individual’s needs; helping them to understand their skills, motivations, alignment to the job market and the gaps they have to meet their goal, whatever that might be.

A selection of topics and considerations our Coaches are trained to support are outlined below:

  • The job market — Module 1 & 2
  • Career Planning — Module 2
  • Job Search — Module 2
  • Crafting a Future Oriented Resume (F-O-R) — Module 3
  • Elevator Pitch — Module 3
  • Personal Branding techniques — Module 3 & 4
  • Interviewing techniques — Module 4

*Subject to change.

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