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RDS/HCS Survey on 2017 Wage Increase/Bonus & Future Economy Strategies

HCS is pleased to partner RDS in the above survey.

There have been comments that the recent Committee on the Future Economy (CFE) recommended strategies (https://www.gov.sg/microsites/future-economy/the-cfe-report/7-strategies) are somewhat broad and not very new so in this survey, beside the wage, bonus and usual questions, we like to find out which of the CFE strategies are more relevant to your Company and whether other ones should also be considered.

We, urge you to take some time to share your views.

Please contact us to participate in the survey and to find out more about the survey results. 

Thank you for your participation!

Email(s): rds@remuneration.net, enquiry@hcs.com.sg
Fax : 6225 0048 (RDS), 6423 0963 (HCS)