Master of Science: Psychology, Kings College – UK (Pursing)

Post Graduate Diploma: Special Education, Massachusetts Institute Of New Teachers – USA

Jit Sharma

  • Bachelor of Science: Psychology, James Cook University – Singapore
  • Bachelor: Business Administration, Wolverhampton University – UK
Proficiency Level TSC Code Course Title
PL4 HRS-BIN-4089-1.1 Financial Acumen Level 4: Manage Budgets and Finances(Blended)
PL4 HRS-BIN-4092-1.1 Human Resource Strategy Formulation Level 4: Align Human Resource Services with Business Needs Implement In-house Competency Framework
PL4 HRS-BIN-4093-1.1 Operational Excellence Level 4: Measure Human Resource Functional Effectiveness
PL4 HRS-BIN-4100-1.1 Strategic Workforce Planning Level 4:Implement Manpower Planning Processes
PL4 HRS-HRM-4012-1.1 Compensation Management Level 4: Implement International Compensation Programme
PL4 HRS-HRM-4017-1.1 Employee Relationship Management Level 4:Resolve Grievances and Disputes
PL4 HRS-PDV-4032-1.1 Performance Management Level 4: Implement Performance Management Programme
PL2 HRS-HRM-2015-1.1 Employee Communication Management Level 2: Prepare Employee Communications
PL2 HRS-HRM-2021-1.1 Organisational Event Management Level 2: Support Organisation Events
PL2 HRS-PDV-2032-1.1 Performance Management Level 2: Administer Performance Review Process
PL2 HRS-HRM-2010-1.1 Selection Management Level 2: Administer Recruitment and Selection Process (Blended)
PL3 HRS-HRM-3028-1.1 Data Management Level 3: Analyse and Present Research Information
PL3 HRS-HRM-3019-1.1 Health and Wellness Programme Management Level 3: Implement Employee Health and Well-Being Programmes in The Workplace
PL3 HRS-PDV-3029-1.1 Learning and Development Programmes Management Level 3: Support Individual Learning and Development
PL3 HRS-HRM-3034-1.1 Project Management Level 3: Manage Projects
PL5 HRS-BIN-5090-1.1 Human Resource Policies and Legislation Framework Management Level 5: Develop Human Resource Policy Framework
PL5 HRS-PDV-5023-1.1 Career Coaching Level 5: Develop and Implement Career Coaching and Mentoring Framework
PL5 HRS-PDV-5032-1.1 Performance Management Level 5: Develop Strategies for Performance Management
PL5 HRS-PDV-5033-1.1 Succession Planning Level 5: Develop A Framework and Strategies for Succession Management
PL5 HRS-PDV-5035-1.1 Talent Management Level 5: Develop Strategies for Talent Management

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