Strategic Outreach


HCS’ philosophy is that the public, private and people sectors must work together to ensure Singapore moves towards a Smart Learning Nation and Future Skill workforce. As such, HCS intends to continue to collaborate and explore other areas of collaborations to engage in joint initiatives that support HCS’ future plans in line with national initiatives.

Leveraging on HCS’ strong network of industry partners, HCS trains, develops and coaches HR professionals and people managers to be pi-shaped managers equipped with more than one horizontal and vertical skill sets to support the vision of the SkillsFuture Singapore. These HR professionals and people managers can then re-design critical HR and people management processes, identify and build needed competency, and deploy best HR and people management practices to support a cultural transformation in the industry.

Under its one-stop centre strategy to nurture a holistic HR and people-centric eco- system in Singapore, HCS also helps organisations and the industry enhance their human capital management systems and processes as well as people management skills. In order to sustain a life-long journey of capability building, HCS also provides career guidance and coaching to individuals to increase their personal effectiveness.Strategic Outreach