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Ho Geok Choo
Chief Executive Officer
Human Capital (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Hello, everyone!

I’d like to use the pearl to illustrate the work @ HCS and its contributions in fostering human capital capabilities in Singapore.

Like a pearl that is only formed from a grain of sand, excellence in human capital practices can be cultivated with time and effort. At HCS, executives from every industry can acquire or improve their people management competencies, to help their organisations meet strategic goals and turn in sterling performances for their growth.

With Singapore moving to a higher value knowledge-based economy, knowledge has become more vital than ever to a business. Knowledge is power. It provides the edge needed by businesses to stay ahead of the competition in a globalised economy.

A single HR executive may be extremely good at his work and knows his job inside out just as a single pearl may appear priceless from its lustre alone. However, a string of lustrous pearls is more precious than a lone pearl. So too, members of a group become more formidable in terms of collective competency when they pool together their human capital knowledge.

Towards this end, HCS conducts Communities of Practice sessions in which participants share HR knowledge and real-life experiences in good and exemplary best human capital practices. HCS also organises In- Conversation forums and other conferences in which leading executives share their views on the directions in which human capital must head.

Because people are the main driving force behind real competitive advantage, recognition of the need for continuous learning and the acquisition of knowledge is imperative for people managers. And in today’s dynamic business environment, everyone is a people manager because he or she works with fellow employees.

Everyone of us has opportunities in life. Those who go far are always people who prepare for doors of opportunity and are ready to walk through them when they open. Throughout life, each door leads to another. We do not know what lies ahead but we must always be ready to take up the challenges when we face them and be prepared to walk through each successive door of opportunity. The question is: “When a door opens, who among us is ready to walk through it?”

HCS’s role is to prepare our people managers to venture past familiar thresholds. It is my hope that at HCS, you will obtain the credentials needed – and arm yourself with the requisite knowledge – to progress beyond each successive door of opportunity.