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Are you currently looking for a new career? Are you looking for a career switch? More room for progress? More challenges? What should you do? What should you NOT do? Let us tell you the stories, tips and tricks to get you employed or to get you RE-employed.

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Mr. David Ang Chee Chim

Mr David Ang has more than 30 years of experience in senior positions in a statutory board, GLC and MNC. He has worked in various industries such as manufacturing, services and private educational sectors where he helped businesses be more effective. His profession in the HR industry includes his tenure as the Secretary General/Treasurer of the World Federation of Personnel Management Associations. He has spoken on various topics such as HR trends, challenges and practices, and shared strategic perspectives and insights at conferences and with the media. He had also co-authored a book on “SOS – Succeed or Sink” on business sustainability strategies and practices.

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