Master of Arts in Education and Human Development (HRD) – George Washington University

Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management, Singapore Institute of Management

Caleb Chua

  • Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences), University of Singapore


Proficiency Level TSC Code Course Title
PL4 HRS-BIN-4089-1.1 Financial Acumen Level 4: Manage Budgets and Finances(Blended)
PL4 HRS-BIN-4092-1.1 Human Resource Strategy Formulation Level 4: Align Human Resource Services with Business Needs
PL4 HRS-BIN-4093-1.1 Operational Excellence Level 4: Measure Human Resource Functional Effectiveness
PL4 HRS-HRM-4012-1.1 Compensation Management Level 4: Implement International Compensation Programme
PL4 HRS‐HRM‐4030‐1.1 Human Resource Analytics and Insights Level 4: Manage Human Resource Analytics
PL4 HRS‐BIN‐4094‐1.1 Organisational Change Management Level 4: Develop and Implement Change Strategies and Plans
PL4 HRS‐HRM‐4036‐1.1 Stakeholder Engagement and Management Level 4: Develop Workplace and Business Relationships
PL4 HRS‐HRM‐4024‐1.1 Retirement and Re-employment Management Level 4: Implement Strategies to Employ, Retain and Re-employ Older Employees
PL4 HRS‐PDV‐4024‐1.1 Career Framework Design Level 4: Develop Career Pathing Framework
PL4 HRS‐PDV‐4025‐1.1 Competency Framework Development Level 4: Develop and Implement In-house Competency Framework
PL4 HRS‐PDV‐4028‐1.1 Leadership Development Level 4: Build People Management Capabilities
PL4 HRS‐PDV‐4035‐1.1 Talent Management Level 4: Implement Talent Management Programmes
PL5 HRS-BIN-5090-1.1 Human Resource Policies and Legislation Framework Management Level 5: Develop Human Resource Policy Framework
PL5 HRS‐HRM‐5014‐1.1 Diversity and Inclusion Management Level 5: Develop Strategies For Managing Diversity (BLENDED)
PL5 HRS‐HRM‐5017‐1.1 Employee Relationship Management Level 5: Develop and Evaluate Framework for Managing Conflict, Grievances and Disputes
PL5 HRS‐BIN‐5100‐1.1 Strategic Workforce Planning Level 5: Develop Strategies for Manpower Planning and Resourcing

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