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Stakeholder Engagement And Management Level 4: Develop Workplace And Business Relationships

Employee Relationship Management Level 4: Resolve Grievances And Disputes

Organisational Change Management Level 4: Develop And Implement Change Strategies And Plans

HR Policies & Legislation Framework Management Level 4: Ensure Compliance With Relevant Laws & Regulations

Human Resource Analytics And Insights Level 4: Manage Human Resource Analytics

Competency Framework Development Level 4: Develop And Implement In-House Competency Framework

Retirement & Re-Employment Management Level 4: Implement Strategies To Employ, Retain & Re-Employ Older Employees

Talent Management Level 4: Implement Talent Management Programmes

Career Framework Design Level 4: Develop Career Pathing Framework

Leadership Development Level 4: Build People Management Capabilities

Financial Acumen Level 4: Manage Budgets And Finances (Blended)

Strategic Workforce Planning Level 4: Implement Manpower Planning Processes

Compensation Management Level 4: Implement International Compensation Programme

Performance Management Level 4: Implement Performance Management Programme

Operational Excellence Level 4: Measure Human Resource Functional Effectiveness

Human Resource Strategy Formulation Level 4: Align Human Resource Services With Business Needs